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In today’s just-in-time (JIT) big box environment, delivering to a retailer early is just as detrimental as delivering late. With space at a premium, retailers rely on their goods showing up at a specific date and time to manage shelf space availability and warehouse storage. Miss a delivery date once, you could lose a customer. The answer is MABD shipping services from LPS. We’ll make sure your shipments arrive right on time. We provide round-the-clock visibility into all your shipments and purchase orders with a customized TMS for your business.

Intermodal Shipping drives fuel savings, cargo security and reduced emissions into your supply chain.

Not Early. Not Late. Right on Time.

When you’re under tight compliance to get your products to the right stores or distribution centers, MABD delivery services from LPS…


When would I use MABD?

  • Store display & fixture rollouts: new construction, renovation, repair
  • White Glove level in-store delivery, debris removal, etc.
  • Holiday promotions
  • Inbound freight management, ocean and surface transport
  • Predictable damage free service

Benefits of MABD

  • Customizable daily reporting to optimize your supply chain efforts
  • Complete PO level visibility
  • Chargeback avoidance strategy through scorecard monitoring
  • Single point of contact with Strategic Account Managers
  • Peace of mind from Ship Early Capability
  • Predictable damage free service
  • Scorecard Improvement
  • Optimized Product Visibility
  • Predictable Precision

Why LPS For MABD Services

  • 100+ years combined expertise

  • Optimized retailer consolidation program

  • Single source technology – inventory/transportation management

  • Comprehensive carrier network: customizable carrier selection

  • Established retailer relationships

  • Improved transit time

  • Increased on time delivery

  • Cost/claim reduction: Intermodal network options

  • Customer specific solutions focused on speed, precision, and cost savings

  • Cradle to grave supply chain solutions

Competitive pricing with the best carriers

LPS works with the top pre-certified LTL, TL and Expedited carriers under contract. We beleive in taking care of our carriers so they that care of your freight.

Competitive pricing with the best carriers

LPS works with the top pre-certified LTL, TL and Expedited carriers under contract. We beleive in taking care of our carriers so they that care of your freight.

Competitive pricing with the best carriers

LPS works with the top pre-certified LTL, TL and Expedited carriers under contract. We beleive in taking care of our carriers so they that care of your freight.


Let our team of experts conduct a no cost benchmark analysis of your shipping operation and costs to see if LPS is the right partner for your company.

“LPS consistently delivers for us. With the number of different suppliers across the country, I trust their team to help keep our factories going.”

Tim Sullivan, Warehouse & Logistics Manager

“We compared rates and services [of logistics providers] and LPS does a good job for us. The customer service has been really good!”

Mike Manthey, AAA Auto Parts

“The primary reason we chose LPS was the transparency they presented to us. We got a strong sense of their Midwest, hard-working background, which is a lot like us.”

Brian Pfannes, Director of Purchasing
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