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Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals Stay Sharp With E-Learning

by LPS Insights, on September 9, 2016

Supply chain e-learning and learning logistics

Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals Stay Sharp With E-Learning


Big data, transportation management systems, robotics, drones and a deluge of other technological advancements are adding to the complex milieu of “stuff” the average supply chain and logistics professional must grasp to maintain their edge in the industry. Indeed, learning logistics and supply chain management is not a cake walk.


That goes for logistics managers and contributors in the manufacturing and distribution industries as well as for people working in supply chain and logistics services companies. What’s the purchasing and shipping manager to do? How can professionals and employees stay sharp? “E–learning,” is one route according to an article in Inbound Logistics magazine.


“Successful companies recognize the need to focus on training and development, and they seek and highly value employees who demonstrate a continuous learning mindset. As a result, businesses and professionals who focus on continuous learning and development are positioned to grow,” observes author ML Peck.


According to the article, more than 75 percent of companies in the United States offer online corporate training for employees. Of course, e-learning doesn’t require expensive travel. And “it requires 40 to 60 percent less time from employees than learning the same material in a classroom, according to a study by the Brandon Hall Group.”


3 Benefits of e-Learning

  • “E-learning increases retention rates compared to face-to-face training because e-learning students have more control over the learning process, including the opportunity to revisit the training as needed.
  • Companies report an increase in their competitive edge and revenue as a result of offering corporate training through e-learning because it creates a more engaged workforce.
  • Companies save millions of dollars in costs associated with travel, lodging and meals, equipment, and instructors as they maximize their employees’ time.”


Where to Find e-Learning Programs


Depending on your budget and needs, supply chain e-learning programs are available from numerous sources. You can find free courses and videos online, or certification courses from organizations and associations dedicated to advancing the supply chain and logistics industry.

  • The Institute of Supply Management, (ISP), offers e-learning courses in different formats so you can choose the best path that works with your schedule and learning style.
  • Supply Chain associations like CSCMP and other logistics industry associations also offer e-learning courses that help professionals keep pace with the changing industry and learn new skills and competencies.

For more details, read the complete article E-Learning Boosts Supply Chain Management Expertise.


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